06 August 2014

Pitching To Win! - The Pitch 2014 Competition

Just this week I found out that I had made the quarter final of The Pitch 2014. This is fantastic news, I did enter the competition last year, however I was naive in my entry and quite frankly it was too soon for me to have all the information or have learned enough information about my product, business and customers and so this year twelve months down the line, and more focused I decided to enter again.

Founded in 2008 it is Britain's biggest small business competition. The first part of the competition short-lists 100 businesses who are then invited to attend a boot camp where they will  receive coaching and mentoring to hone their pitching skills.
Alongside this, every short listed entrant receives a personalised 'Profile Pitch Page', which you can use to attract voters to vote for your business.This is a Digital Marketing Award run within the second stage of the competition and will be decided later on in the year at The Pitch Final.

Here is our link to that page I would love your support!


This will come on the back of my trip to Oxford Summer School in August, the prize I have been awarded
by The Retail Factor Competition. I am so excited to be attending this wonderful course which is a management development course designed specifically for retail. (You can find them on Twitter @OSSretail )

I look forward to blogging all about the experience which has been given to me by The fantastic Mall Corporation who promote and inspire new business in the UK through their yearly competition, and a big thank you to Lorraine Jones the Manager at Blackburn Mall, Sara Jones the National Operations Manager all the people who work there (including all the Vicky's!) for their help and support during and after The Competition and Paula Holden at www.icgonline.co.uk for help with the press release.
Here is the Link for The Mall's Corporation Company Website:
It has been a fantastic first year in my business journey I have learned and continue to learn lots of new skills and have met some great people from all different aspects of business from designers, manufacturers, retailers, managers, entrepreneurs (who have become and will remain friends).It has not been easy and I don't expect that it ever will but overcoming the challenges are part of this journey and I have been fortunate to have realised the opportunities that have arisen and then taken them.

I will leave you then with my head full of ideas to make the most of these opportunities and a quick couple of days away  to Barcelona with my now newly qualified journalist/PR Media degree celebrating son!

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