21 August 2016

The Half Full Glass Girl

It is such a long time since I updated my blog and I now feel the time is right to explain whereabouts I am now with "My Entrepreneurial Peg" and the path that I am now following.
As an entrepreneur when you start on the journey you think you have some idea of what you are going to do and where you want to be and the word here is think! because there is never a set path or right way to go about something and you find that you have to make changes as you go along, taking advantage of new opportunities as they present themselves and having to drive continually to move forward.

I thought that if I worked hard enough and was committed enough and had enough belief (alongside the obvious planning, funding, administrative, negotiation, communication and other such areas) that because I had created a good quality, pretty and functional product I would be able to sell this product and expand what I had started. Unfortunately sometimes even though you can sell on a smaller scale it does not always progress to sell to larger markets. This is what has happened to my product and there comes a time when you have to realise that putting further effort into that is not going to change the outcome but you should learn from what you have achieved and move forward using this experience to make new experiences and challenges easier and to be successful with.

It is not that I consider I have not been successful as creating something out of your mind and seeing that come to fruition without going into debt and making enough profit to pay for the making of it with all that entails and on selling the batch to have made a profit is in itself a success. My sadness comes from not achieving what I wanted it to become. In lots of ways though the experience leaves me far richer than I expected.

This leads me to where I have decided to direct my abilities for the future. Looking back over the last few years, I have felt at times the most uncomfortable I have ever felt, having to raise my game so as to speak to be confident personally and communicating in new mediums such as event experiences, in pitching interviews, on the radio and on camera, not to mention the incredibly broad tasks that needed to be learned such as using social media correctly, understanding web sites, finances, marketing, selling the list is endless as a single entrepreneur, I would like to just mention here if you feel like having a go with a business or product I would consider doing it with another person or group as I feel two heads are better than one and you would have double the energy and support and I feel greater chance of success.  As I said above at times I have put myself in uncomfortable circumstances but the flip side to this is unless you stretch yourself you do not grow and alongside this I have had the most enjoyment, sense of pride and happiest times that I have ever had in my life.
The wide variety of people and personalities that I came across and touched my life, the real generosity of people willing to help, give their time, experience and happy to just share their time with me was incredible and the places I have had the chance to visit was amazing.

It is with a new sense of self and confidence therefore that I have chosen to move back into employment and it is because of the above that I now bring into my new position this wealth of experience from all of the above. I now work for a Charity organisation, a lovely blend from a personal point of view of working in a job but being able to take a sense of pride in helping a team in providing families with support when it is most needed, and Kease Key Rings? well for now there are still half a batch left just around 3000, I also laugh when I think they may end up on one of those daft TV shows such as Top 100 products that never made it!! I would like to think that 6000 people will end up with a very exclusive limited edition key ring.

I do still sell and enjoy using the selling skills I have learned and my website will still exist until the last of the key rings are sold. I think I may always sell now in one form or another and I hope to put those key rings left to a good cause, using part of the profit to give something back to different charities. As a mum who has re invented herself I feel proud to now be in a position that I feel I would never be in if I had not decided to have a go with Kease, the journey did not bring what I thought it would it brought many many things that I had no idea I would receive.







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