10 October 2013

Autumn Days, Winter Dreams

I always feel a little in limbo at this time of year, summer seems to have sailed by and although I love to see all the new Autumn / Winter ranges in the fashion shops and look forward to wearing winter woollies, there seems to be a hiccup in getting from one season to another - you're not quite able to embrace it properly but you know its around the corner. Halloween pictures start to appear and with that I always feel winter has arrived by bonfire night. By then I am looking forward to the mulled wine at the Manchester Christmas markets and preparations for the family Christmas starts to become a focal point. So with my new favourite boot purchase of the season (although they are open toed and backed, probably not the ideal buy!) I feel a little in limbo with my product as well.

I feel that I am going in a forward direction at the moment, but whether it is the right direction remains to be seen. My keyrings are now online and in some retail outlets, I have booked a christmas fair and "Auntie Dot" is planning on selling each Saturday in an outlet up in Burnley (but I have to investigate and do some research first). Word of mouth still keeps them selling from me personally, however it takes far more effort and tenaciousness to keep the ball rolling. I don't know if its just me, but when you achieve one goal there seems to be a never ending stream ahead. Although each step in itself is some small achievement, you need an inward drive and a determination switch that needs to be permanently on in your head.

So all in all not a lot to report this week. I am still assessing the changes I have made previously to the packaging and look to see whether that turns into positive sales. I continue to buy more business cards and find new ways of both designing and using them - I love the way you can create your own branding on cards etc yourself without the expense of hiring a designer. I also continue to watch YouTube videos and learn how to use software like WordPress (wonderful aid) as well as interacting with the world of Twitter and realising what a powerful tool this can be to marketing and networking.

As a bit of light relief I am visiting Vogue Fashion Evening in Manchester this week with a friend. We are going to support her daughter, who is a fashion designer, and the company she works for are having a stand. It is a highlight for the city of Manchester and there is a bit of a buzz of excitement surrounding the event, so there will definitely be vintage Burberry bag in hand! (and matching Kease keyring obviously!) I am looking forward to seeing the city at its best and opening its arms to all the visitors who like me love to look at all things fashion and meet people with a genuine excitement for what they are doing, not to mention the wonderful array of bars and eating places that we may just have to try!

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