01 October 2013

Double Discount Week

This week, as a bonus for its employees at Tesco, we receive double discount on purchases and I have been rolling through my mind (as I walk past the technical isle to get to my locker) whether I really need a new laptop, ipad, mini pad, medium tablet, small tablet, notebook etc etc etc. As a child of the sixties, the most I have had to do over the last twenty years was:

a) Log on
b) Remember my password and then  (because I didnt know what else to do)
c) Log off again and feel rather pleased that I managed that! (In fact a long time ago I was the owner of the first home computer - the Amstrad. My dad used to say: "What can it do? Can you watch television on it?" I had to admit you couldn't do anything close and unable to learn the language of BASIC, I couldnt see how it would ever take off. We could never have envisaged how life would be today and the way they are completely integrated in our everyday life and communication). The point of these ramblings is just how much technical knowledge you need to learn these days.

Kease keyrings have been accepted on Bouf.com - yay! It is a lovely, online, design led retailer and I am pleased that my product will be selling with them, but it has highlighted again the need to continue to learn about technology and its part in selling and bringing a new product to market.

Apart from upskilling on my media studies, packaging continues to cause me a headache. Some retail outlets are turning the product down because of this, so now all the keyrings have to be cut out of the clamshell and re-packaged, though it does mean the product is more visible to the customer, who can hold in in their hands.

This week has therefore been about changing the look of Kease keyring, both physically and on all of my social media outlets. I will also be replacing a stand in a retail outlet with new fittings and new signage for marketing, a slight backwards step. However, these are things that you can only learn by experience and so as we hurtle into October we have rewound a little, but I am looking forward to this next month and what it will bring, staying motivated, becoming a technical wiz and planning sales events in the build up to dare I say it? Christmas.

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